The Home Care & Hospice Alliance of Maine is a statewide non-profit trade association within which members offers a unified and informed voice in support of affordable, accessible, quality home care and hospice services throughout the State of Maine.

Last year, home care and hospice providers in Maine:

  • served more than 45,000 clients
  • made more than one-half million visits
  • traveled more than 20 million miles
  • reimbursed staff more than $13 million dollars
  • Home care and hospice providers serve every community in Maine.
  • Home care encompasses a wide range of services including skilled nursing, therapies, social work, home health aides, and personal care assistants.
  • Services are provided to acutely ill, disabled, and chronically and terminally ill persons.
  • The home care industry in Maine represents one of the largest employers.
  • Maine agencies collectively employ more than 7,000 employees representing a significant contribution to Maine’s economy.
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