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Emotional Intelligence: A Salesperson Superpower

  • 28 Sep 2022

Emotional Intelligence: A Salesperson Superpower

On-Demand: Released on September 28 2022

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As salespeople, we’ve been through trainings covering product knowledge workshops, closing technique classes, and features and benefits roleplays. Let’s not forget about overcoming objections practice. Many salespeople know everything there is to know on how to position their services but still fall short on sales goals. Why is that? It happens time and time again because the focus is on IQ, the acquisition of knowledge, instead of EQ, the acquisition of human connection through self and social awareness and management, more specifically emotional intelligence.

Soft skills produce hard results. Join us to learn how emotional intelligence acts as a salesperson’s superpower. According to Daniel Goleman, the father of emotional intelligence, EQ accounts for 58% of a person’s professional success. Discover the skill all high producers share and learn how to develop it. Understand why self-awareness, the first quadrant of emotional intelligence, is the most important and the foundation of emotional intelligence.

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