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Leading Change in Your Organization

  • 5 Jun 2024
  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Leading Change in Your Organization

June 5, 2024
3:00 - 4:00 pm

brought to you in partnership with the

Home Care and Hospice Essential Webinar Network

Change how you look at change! This webinar will give you a framework known as the “Four Ps” that is easy, yet impactful.

People, place, process, and progress: the "Four Ps" framework the presenter developed as a university director helped him lead a startup Community Engagement Center from its inception to a top 5 national ranking. This program will discuss these simple, yet powerful, concepts for leading change and growth in your organization and how they can motivate and crystallize your team’s sense of purpose and common mission.

The four concepts are like the pillars of a building – if one is undervalued or misunderstood, the structure collapses. Sadly, leaders often inadvertently neglect one or more of the Ps due to implicit bias, habit, or lack of awareness. Come learn how the Four Ps can work together to inspire and effect lasting positive change in your life and organization.

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ATTN: If this is your first time registering for one of the Alliance's webinars being held in partnership with the Home Care and Hospice Essential Webinar Network, you will need to "create an account" (on the webinar registration page) to register through the 3rd part platform.  

Questions? Please contact Laurie Belden at laurie@homecarealliance.org.

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